Kim Boling Bowman – Liberty Township, Ohio

My husband is the one who betrayed me and our children. The actions of this woman after I found out about the affair show what a horrible person she is! My son and her daughter were dating before the affair she knew that I had found out. Less than 24 hours later she was on her way to my house to pick up my child! like I would allow him to be around a woman like that she didn’t even care about her own child. Why would I want her around mine? She thought they had done nothing wrong as if being liars, cheats, and shitty parents were okay. Even after destroying their families they kept the affair going. They tried to hide it. My husband was begging me not to leave him. After I threw him out he went to a friend’s house they both knew. He was drinking heavily, he texted her to tell her she was a mistake and to end it. She showed up and would not leave. His friends told me he was so drunk he vomited all over and passed out. After everyone left she stayed and had sex with him. Then told me about it and said she was not a bad person. When he would not have anything else to do with her she left a voicemail implying that me or my children were harassing her, like we would want anything to do with that filth. I think they are perfect for each other both lying, immoral, selfish people that didn’t even care if they hurt their own children. I’m not with my husband have not been since I found out about the affair. He says he never even cared about her. I told him that’s too bad they’re perfect for each other.


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