Investigative Report – Texas

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This is a report of a conman operating in Dallas, Texas. His office, as of March 2018, is located at WeWork, Thanksgiving Tower, 1601 Elm Street, Dallas. Aliases are Ricky, Sammy, and Vorachai Tejapaibul. 5’9, 180 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Asian male.He attempted to con my son and the company he founded. I am his father and an investor in the startup company. I am a retired law enforcement officer now working for a law firm.Mr. Tejapaibul misrepresented himself, Tech Wildcatters, and other companies in an attempt to defraud multiple parties.Mr. Tejapaibul falsely stated he was the CEO of several successful companies and a successful serial entrepreneur. Official records on file in the states of Texas, Philadelphia and Delaware show that he has registered over 6 companies but none have turned a profit, paid taxes or appear to be active. Tech Wildcatters Dallas, Tech Wildcatters Holdings, Angel Element, Angel Element Administrator, Paymize, Angelerate.

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