Hannah Aziz – Texas

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Guys you definitely want to steer clear of this girl, she had an drug addiction
issue with some hardcore stuff. She’s been with 23 guys and then me, she cheated on me with a guy that she was messing with before we got together. She attempted to lie about it, but something told me not to believe her and to get her tested (full panel) after the test she tested positive for HSV2 which is genital Herpes. Of course I left her and got test three time after that over a course of 7 months, I am all clear. I just want to let guys know that she lie and she still do drugs with her kid living with her in the house. She is a bad parent she does not take care of her kid, she lefts her talk back, curse, and call her by her first name instead of mom etc. She has no life, she drinks and drives often. there were countless times where she went out drinking after dropping her kid off at a date night daycare, where she called me and told me that she was on her way after the bar to get her daughter. during the call she was slurring on her words and everything, I just called her job and reported that she smokes weed every night with her sister, they told me that they don’t take claims lightly. Hopefully this will get her to be a better person, and not be the deadbeat that she’s been. She neglects her daughter by telling her to go play in the room or watch TV, I did submit a claim to the CPS to make sure that her daughter is getting the care that she deserves.

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