David Tyra – Michigan

Stuck in the mindset of a mean, lost, spiteful, manipulative, adolescent! With no control over his emotional state of mind. He doesn’t have any friends and he’ll turn on anyone if it’ll benefit him. No loyalty whatsoever not from my experience with him… maybe he’s better with others or could be. I saw the potential but after years of heartache and trying to fey him to come back down to earth and make him realize I understand him and I don’t judge, I was let down over and over and went through the worst emotional and mental abuse I’ve ever gone through… physical too here and there. I’ve never felt so low in my life. He made up lies and still does to this day to hurt my reputation literally goes online to my, my life profile to change all my info on it in the worst way and write bad reviews on me. I lost a friend of over 20 years because of manipulation. I’ve gone to jail two times and got a domestic violence charge bc of him also… when he put his hands on me I never called the police once. I lied to police and didn’t tell them his part in the physical violence. He’s a master at manipulating and twisting things to make what he’s saying seem truthful. He stalks. His record had aggravated stalking domestic violence more than once and some other crap on it. I’ve caught him stalking me at work. He’s talked to all my family, friends, coworkers and every ex bf I ever mentioned. He sent me a pic of another woman with her mouth around his private. Sent me a pic of his iPad with a pic on it of his ex with jizz on it like he just did his business to her pic (which I’m sure he did). He’s accused me of being a porn star an escort a hooker all types of s***. He’s had cameras on me I didn’t know about, during sex and just lounging about…he’s sick in the head. He zooms into me and my phone on camera and tells me all the crazy s*** he thinks I’m looking at?! One being cartoon characters screwing and animals ? some disgusting s***.. he’s said 15 different things for one pic and you can’t tell what it even is, at all. I have nothing to worry about or hide so I know every little accusation is wrong. He’s been talking about what it is on my phone for the last year now… had me resort to leaving him and going silent for 5 months I was completely done being tortured and him making up s*** in his head. It’s crazy. Even after going silent for months he still wouldn’t leave me alone emailed me a lot. I had him blocked everywhere else. He’s called cps on me telling them lies making s*** seem way worse then it is. He’s acted like me to men on social media even sending out my personal nudes that I sent to just him…. in return for d*** pics. Like wtf. He’s gotten into snapchat Instagram and Facebook deleted my Instagram and snap. Sent everyone on my snap a photo of me and my t*** saying I’m a w****… my little brother also received the picture. He’s literally batshit crazy and anyone who tried to defend him can go to hell bc you know nothing.


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