Courtney Noone, winnipeg – Canada

Well here we have Courtney, one of the biggest sloots that ever walked this country. She claims she has her sh*t together , lies to her current boyfriend, who seems to have money (she’s Famous for using people, ask her ex) she’s into pills like Percs and oxys .. Her boyfriend can do so much better. Because to be lied to that your working when really your out hanging out with your “guy friends” you have your boyfriend so blind to the things you do. Its sickening and its super sad. Girls like you who dress the way you do are called “H0es” you go to raves without your bf knowing , you message guys behind his back and its time your called out on it. Courtney we grew up together , and your fake sh1t on fb is just laughable now. I know you I know what you do, and what u say to me. And now I think of it , your a really sh1tfy gf/friend. Your fake. You gotta chill with the makeup . ur itty bitty titties noone wants to see. How about posting a picture of your true face instead of Snapchat (where you message Steven and alex). I sure hope it doesn’t take long for J to figure you out . any girl who posts pics like you do, are considered a girl “un taken” . now clean up your act before you’re sh*t gets spoiled court.


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