Christian LeMay not the man you think – Georgia

Christian is the type of person that will lie directly to your face and then use Bible scriptures to pretend he is the upstanding son of two pastors.  The first big lie I caught him in was one evening when we talking about it being cold where he is staying.  He is living and working in  Euclid, Ohio.  He eluded to the fact he needed a blanket and he suggested I get him one.  I was really taken aback by that at first because he doesn’t have a car payment, he rents a room, he has no kids or a wife.  Therefore, he should have money and money saved.  I wasn’t planning on helping him but then he went into these long text messages about how his parents don’t help him, nor his grandmother whom he spends time with.  I didn’t really believe him because when you are constantly putting on your FB and IG about your clothes and shoes, then I would think you are good.  I sent him the blanket anyway out of the goodness of my heart, along with some Starbuck gift cards and a gift card for a restaurant.  When I did those things for him, I thought he appreciated it but come to find out I wasn’t the only woman helping him out, which explains why he always had money.  He even sent me a text from another woman, saying he got it offline, where she talked about helping him financially.  He suggested that. maybe one day I  would do the same. Obviously, he has multiple women helping him with gifts and finances.  No wonder he could refund the money for the blanket and the gift cards so quickly.


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