Alexis Ruby – Houston Texas

Cheated on her guy multiple times who was in Oklahoma while she was traveling here for work.
There was that incident in her car, then at the motel. Over the course of 3 years she has managed to take a former green beret and turn him into a mash of anger and confusion over this, they have kids. He wouldn’t leave. Oddly enough, she wouldn’t either and continued to cheat on him even though she watched it hurt him. It was hard watching this as a friend, I even told her it was extreme and going to far…she used to insert shampoo bottles inside herself to make her husband think so he was screwing this well hung guy just to make her husband jealous. That’s fckd up. Although a year has passed and they are still together I needed to get this off my chest randomly. Her x husband married her best friend. Daddy issues beware, with a troubled childhood.


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