Aaron Kravig – Colorado

Aaron J. Kravig of Karval, Colorado is a serial cheater and narcissistic sociopath that cannot be trusted in any way. His life is a massive web of lies that he weaves cleverly and charmingly to lure in anyone he can “use” in some way. He survives by deceiving, using and abusing. At any one time, he is likely to have multiple mistresses while trying to maintain his facade of what he tries to portray as his picture-perfect life and family. He charms everyone with his smooth BS, his false passion to help youth, his fake handshakes, and his alluring crystal blue eyes. He gets amusement out of seeing how greatly he can fool people and how deeply he can hurt them, over and over again, and does not stop abusing unless the other person puts an end to it. He convinces everyone else or new in his life that all the people with these stories about him are just crazy and the stories just rumors – do not believe him, too many of us have made that mistake and had our lives turned upside-down or gotten burned because of his masterful skills of deceit. His actions have been progressing and there is real concern of more physical harm and damage being done by this monster.


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