Tommy Cataldi – Blackpool, United Kingdom

I was with Tommy for 25 years, had 3 kids he was a deadbeat to, he had 2 other kids before I met him, he’s been cheating since day 1 but he will tell everyone that will listen that he is an innocent victim, the one who was betrayed but it’s all part of his game…he’s a lying no good dirty coward he had a ltr with another woman for 13 years that he knocked up in 2015, then he meets this Ho b***** and cries the blues to her and she knew he was in a 25 year relationship, but she wouldn’t give up until he bought her here and she also left her 3 year old back in the UK to come here, made Tommy cut ties to everyone and even his little 3 year old that’s been crying since he’s been gone doing God knows what with this English Tart. He lied to me had several affairs lied to the mother of the 3 year old saying that we weren’t “together” all while I footed the Bill’s. He’s a lowlife dirt all and she’s a deadbeat mother who abandoned her 3 year old daughter to the so called daddy in the UK.


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