After nearly a decade together and being accused by an Iowa east sider by the name of AMIE KILTS or sometimes goes by AMIE KILTS-CATALDO that I was the one cheating finally moved out because I started finding clues that she was in FACT having a relationship with an old mug at her new job since August 2019 by the name of KEVIN EASMAN. She’s 44 and he’s dam near 60 years old just sickens me but also gives me a good laugh as it reminds me of the Adam Sandler scene in the movie Big Daddy when his girlfriend breaks up with him to start dating a much older man. I guess that’s besides the point. At any rate, I was 100% faithful to Amie but I have cheated on other woman when I was younger so perhaps it’s my Karma and dam does it hurt. Furthermore, my mind goes back to the countless other times I thought she was cheating and looking back now I’m sure that she was. And she accused me of cheating all the time and even accused me of screwing my Aunt, my niece, and just about every woman (and some times dudes) that I have had some sort of communication with. Recently, probably as she was out pulling gray hairs from KEVIN EASMANS old balls…gross, I was being accused of screwing the bosses wife of a job that I just got hired at but didn’t even start working. The point is I’m trying to make is a lot of people say that those who accuse others of cheating are often times the ones doing the cheating and this is obviously true from my experience. Amie does have some good qualities though and what she says isn’t all lies but a lot are. And I wasn’t an angel by any means and I could have done things better but were all doing the best we can while were on this planet. Relationships are there to teach us about ourselves because the other person will reflect back to us who we are. We are all connected and everyone will mirror to us the vibration of the frequency of our souls that we resonate out. Everything thing including reality is an illusion EXCEPT LOVE! I love Amie and I always will have a place for her in my heart and I hope she finds whatever it might be she’s looking for in this lifetime but if you ever decide to date her I will give the advice given to me when I started our final relationship (yes we dated (and by dating I mean doing the wild thing) a couple times in high school and a few more times when I was in my twenty blurry somethings) and that was to RUN! Peace and much love to you all and if you’ve read this to the end I want to thank you. Or as Elvis Presley would say “thank ya very much… Brand new Cadillac!”


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