Sierra Zavatsky — Las Vegas, Nevada

Beware of this animal abusing extortionist slore . She collects dogs like she does DRDs. Problem is she showed me one of the poor dogs mutilated leg and confessed that she was high when she slammed the poor on its tiny leg and foot. So it no longer has a foot poor little fellow. I was sickened when I saw the little guy but it was too late to call animal cruelty. Plus by then this master manipulating b1tch  had me in her clutches. I met her at Little Darling so I knew she was trailer trash as it’s the seediest strip club in town. However I was astonished when she offered me a happy ending right away after a private dance. Didn’t take her up on it but hooked up with her years later to my doom. Fake personality, outrageous lies and has John’s coming in and out of her well used vagina like a revolving door. She is a demon, see video below, who lives with her pimp. She told me that she drained a poor old Mormon guy from Utah of his 401K and he and his family are destitute. Make up so caked on that it drips and flakes off all over your body when she is doing her sleezy ride em backwards cowgirl thing, yelling eff me daddy. Then there’s the boils and unspecified lesions on her face, legs and nether regions. Eeek!! Don’t expect KY she prefers the oozing Palace Station hotel hand lotion, and she won’t get under the covers. Guess she’s proud of that 31 years old sagging body. After the floozy sex she sits there and raspberry Vapes. Begged me for a boob and nose job. Cut her off at that. Figured the pimp could pony up. I never would have seen her more than once if I honestly hadn’t gotten possessed by her personality as the sex was so awful. Did I mention that she has multiple addictions, drugs, booze, gambling, shopping and money. Sashays around in casinos calling honest women who work as, sex trade workers, h0es and floozies and denigrating them. Hilarious as she is the biggest dishonest floozy in Las Vegas. Run for the hills from Sierra Zavatsky like Zebra.


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