Sarah Bender – Florida

[Sarah Bender is a huge slore. She won’t think twice about sleeping with your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend even though she’s constantly got a new man every day of the week because she’s cheated on every man she’s ever been with. It’s typical for her to be fuking a dozen different men in one weeks time. She works at [REDACTED] and welcomes everyone by spreading her legs and showing her tits. This sloot likes to send dirty snaps to anyone who will give her fat a55 any attention. She’s such a pathetic piece of sh1t and needs mental help. Maybe she acts like a slore because of all the abortions she’s had in the past. I don’t know and really don’t give a fuk but she needs to learn to stop spreading her DRDs to everyone and to close her legs. She acts like white trash and has the nastiest mouth to match her crotch rot that smells so bad you could die. Good thing she’s an EMT so she can keep you alive just long enough to ride your c0ck if you’re a male. She’s as disgusting as they come and a major alcoholic. It’s why she still works at [REDACED] after so many years. She can’t get a real job. She only tries to keep my friendship because she wants me to pay for her drinks because I’m an accountant and make decent money. Well I’m done with this slore and her fake a55 friendship after she fuked my boyfriend in her sh1tty a55 car. Hope this slore rots in hell where she belongs.


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