Patty Sue Morris Maryville – Tennessee

This mother and grandmother, who has been married to her husband, Tom, for 35 years and is a church-going, self proclaimed Christian is an unfaithful, home-wrecking woman. She has been having an affair with Stanley Ethard Franse since October of 2019. Stanley is also a married man. Patty Sue is the proud cafeteria manager of a Maryville City School in Tennessee, who serves breakfast and lunch to impressionable young students. She began this affair with Stan at her school!!! Stan Franse is the food delivery driver who delivers the cafeteria’s food order each week. These two lovely cheaters have continued to fuel their affair by texting and talking on their cell phones during the workday, so as to hide it from their spouses. The Human Resource Departments for both of these lying, cheating, unfaithful, disrespectful human beings would probably love to know what their doing on the clock, especially Mrs. Patty Sue Morris, who has rendezvous on school grounds!!!


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