Nicole Brzyski – New Jersey

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This Editor is utilizing her “talent” of writing stories to create just that fake stories about a lifelong friend of mine. I have personally witnessed and viewed the actual evidence with true phone records, true IP tracings and actual conversations between Nicole Brzyski and her “harasser” however folks Nicole is the one that began the posting to my friend and spouse by posting fake things about the two of them on these less than reputable sites. Next she posted or had a friend post a pic of herself, magically with her son’s picture blurred out and blamed her alleged harasser, meanwhile I have obtained and will be presenting to the public and authorities the countless hours of Nicole’s wine binging episodes and messages to my friend and family members. Nicole is completely obsessed with a person so much that she befriended anyone she could get to listen including my friend’s ex-spouse and estranged family. The same people Nicole was

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