Kami Matthews (Mohon) – Macon, Georgia

So there’s this girl, her Name is Kami Matthews, she is still married. Recently she left her husband and 2 kids to be with a drug dealer. She leaves and comes back almost weekly making her husband think she wants to fix things, but every time she plays him, gets what she wants from him, and then leaves again to her side dude. She has left her kids behind way too many times to count on 2 hands. She runs around everywhere taking pictures of her and her side guy smoking weed. She claims she doesn’t have the money to support her kids but she always has her blunts rolled and her fingernails done. Her new boyfriend is extremely dangerous and it wouldn’t surprise me if they lived in a halfway house. Her new side guy is abusive, not to women but to children and she wants her kids who she apparently loves so much around that filth. she called a bunch of other women names (especially her ex husband friends) because she is so insecure and jealous. She needs to be stopped before she hurts her family even more with her selfish ways that she is way too proud of.


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