Jordann V Depascalis — Texas

She is a walking drd he has drd since you were 17 cheese drd positive and she has and she has a drd which can cause genital wart she will rob you for everything you have even if she is your friend she will friend you and be so cool with you that when things ain’t going her way and she knows what you have she will go and find somebody she is with she was smoke meth all night and she’ll talk about everything that she lights and everything that you have in your house if you sell drugs or if you just have expensive jewelry whatever she will rob you even when she claims that you are her best friend she is very disloyal a very compulsive liar who believes her own lies no matter what she is always doing right she is a x Backpage floozy and also a few other sites floozy and she is living life and not caring about passing drds to people cuz she prefers to have sex without a condom she will convince guys to work her on a female floozy site and then when s*** hits the fan and y’all are busted she will convince guys to work her on a female floozy site and then when she eat his stuff fan and y’all are busted for floozy and human trafficking she would throw you completely under the bus and say you raped her and beater and kidnapped her and made her do everything she is a very bad drug addict she won’t go one day without using she finds anything to get high on weather is crack her out heroin meth or even Xanax she does it all she is the number one and all disloyal people in all selfish people in all uncaring person she will not care if you gave her the world if you treated her with every respect and try to help her get off the street she will not care and pass the drd to you and tell you she has the drd after she slept with you for the first two months she is literally giving out that drd and hurting and damaging people’s lives forever on purpose.


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