Jennifer Lee (Hamby) – South Carolina

Was unfortunately married to her. Don’t think she was ever faithful. She goes after her own friends husband’s/boyfriend. Uses Facebook to start initial contact and it goes on to late nights withe coming home too our kids in the earth am. She has DRDs and will not inform you. Does not ever ask for protection. She’s had 4 abortions, 2 miscarriages and had 8 children. If they were all born thats 14 kids, 8 different baby daddy’s. She really enjoys groups, close circle friends she can bounce guy to guy, brother to brother. Even her closest friends mean nothing. Her recent friend, she started seeing him the other day and it already showing up 5am. She’s gotten pregnant while we were still married. He was the end of the group. she had already messed with the rest of the group. Moves group to group. evey guy knows her as the rolodex. So if Jennifer Lee Goins, meets you or your husband, you can best believe, it either gonna be a baby or DRD he walks away with. Every guy in Sangaree and the tri-county area trade naked pics of her. She loves in all holes, biggest slore I’ve EVER met. Emails are…[REDACTED]. FB url is [REDACTED] Cell is [REDACTED] contact any time.


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