This guy Jason Connor Mara is a rapist in Hollywood praying on actresses. He met with me and my girls and wanted to inquire how much for all of us. We were suppose to be meeting him for a casting for some crap movie (that doesn’t exist) that he was doing. He said he had a gf but that she was open minded. Gee, one of my girls has DRD. Bet he would have loved to get that! This guy is also unemployed and even asked me if my father could hire him at the tire shop in Whittier. This guy is pathetic. FAKE and runs a huge game. Don’t be around him if you want to keep sane. I almost thought he was going to rape me on the way to the car, he followed me. He said he has had some “bad” experiences. with women saying things about him. after a while… it’s true buddy!


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