Glenn McKenzie — Boise, Idaho

Glenn McKenzie claims he’s all about being faithful and in it for the long haul. He is manipulative, a liar, and worst of all unfaithful. He was most recently dating a beautiful woman. She was excited to be part of his life and his kid’s lives. He even introduced her to his kids. Told her that he was serious about her, that he wanted to marry her and have more kids with her. Turns out it was all a lie. In a local park in Boise, he met up with an addict woman and sold meth to her. She went to the park bathroom and injected herself with the drug to satisfy her cravings. She didn’t have any money, so he told her that she could give him a blowjob, or else he would tell her PO to give her a piss test. Desperate and in need of her fix still, she did as he asked, extremely high and under the influence, and she feared for her freedom. Now I’m not saying what she did was smart buying drugs, but to threaten someone into blowing him while she cannot consent? That’s rape. His girlfriend walked in on them just as he finished. Make this lousy piece of crap famous. He cheated on the woman he said he was going to make his wife. His kids are wondering why she isn’t in the picture anymore. According to the ex before her, it was the same deal with her. He keeps confusing his kids bringing women around he doesn’t intend on keeping, and risking them being taken by CPS by selling drugs while they are in his custody. He even raped an addict, and he might have raped others. Do yourselves a favor and STAY AWAY from this horrible excuse of a human being! RUN girl, RUN!


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