Chris Smart – Florida

I started a relationship with Chris Smart almost 6 years ago..he had a love in girlfriend which he threw out to move me in…I moved in and then we bought a house together…and became engaged…then I caught him cheating on me with a 68 year old married woman..chris is 49…he promised me he loved only me and he messed up so I forgave him…come to find out he never stopped cheating..caught him sending naked pics to more old ladies and several at that…he spoke badly about me to these women…he would send naked pics to these ladies from our bed when I was sleeping…and he even cheated on me when I was in the hospital about to get heart surgery at age 49…I showed him the proof I found and he still denied it…he’s a habitual liar…he’s cheated on all of his relationships and he always will…ladies he will tell you he loves you and 5 minutes later he’s sending his junk to old ladies….and what kind of guy takes naked pics with his work phone on work property…no class…he’s disgusting and a liability for anyone

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