Bryan Riddell Knoxville – Tennessee

Bryan Riddell is a narcissistic sociopath with zero empathy or conscience. He was married to a wonderful woman for 21 years and cheated on her the entire time. He has made a career out of truck driving, which allowed him to lead two separate lives. He is a chronic cheater who is incapable of remaining in a committed relationship. Bryan is charming and likely with a great sense of humor. He lives to build trust in people, only to deceive and break them. He is a verbally abusive and intimidating man who likes to play mind games with his victims. Bryan plays on other people’s sympathy for attention because he is a ego-maniac. Currently he lives in Friendsville, Tennessee but flies to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska for work. Bryan has no shame or standard in who he chooses to sleep with. He frequents swinger sites and online advertisements. Please avoid this walking STD spreading jerk!


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