TJ alka Timothy – California

TJ (Timothy Johnson) is a personal trainer in his 50s and his company title is: Total Attitude Personal Training”. He lives in Orange County CA and frequents 24 hr fitness and LA fitness in OC. He drives a white dodge sprinter van and a black hummer with a plate that says 4muscle. He is a total pathological liar and cheater and stays with women for many years swearing they are the only one and that he will marry and love for life but he is cheating the entire time with multiple women. He may be living with someone else and telling you he is renting a room and can’t have visitors. He will lie about his schedule and say he is working long hours or traveling but he is with another woman and he does not use protection for any of his sexual encounters. He will say he has IRS problems so that he has an excuse not to marry you until later taking years of your life waiting for him to resolve his financial issues that don’t really exist and he cannot prove. He will be very sweet and charming and sex you up until he doesn’t get his way then scream at you and tell you to fuck off or call you a bitch then apologize after saying he didn’t mean it. He will accuse you of cheating and badger you when he is the one constantly doing it. He is a very convincing liar and will say all past girlfriends were liars and crazy and that he was just fucking them

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