Tasha Powell — Pickens, South Carolina

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Meet this trashy goldmine! Tasha Powell can’t keep her legs closed long enough to save her life. She likes to manipulate her way into people’s lives to use them because she’s a thirty six year old Home Wrecker with nothing to show for herself or her pathetic little life. I just hope to god I’m around to witness when karma finally catches up to this woman.

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  1. pei wu

    Aka. Ramses X Rosa Mercader, Ramses Rosa Franco, Franco Xavier…
    300 WAI NANI WAY 1618, HONOLULU HI 96815 or with one of his gfs PEI WU @ 1220 MOKUHANO STREET, HAWAII KAI 96825
    Ramses X Rosa is a soon to be 60- year old Puerto Rican who has been fucking around in Wakiki for over 30 years. He is the boggest liar and cheater in Paradise, and pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Ramses says he is a bachelor and a gentleman. He is not. His wife lives in Puerto Rico where he is from, she moved there after he screwed her best friend in Honolulu. Ramses dates several women in Honolulu outside his marriage, he even chases after his wifes gfs and sends them pics of his cock. He chases after women on Tinder, goes by FRANCO XAVIER, will say and do whatever to get into womens panties and get some pussy. He is desperate for the attention of women. Spreads herpes! Ramses says he is an entrepreneur, truth is he works on the beach for Ocean Safety Honolulu. He sits on the beach and texts wmen that he chases after on Tinder all day, the goes home and fucks his Taiwanese immigrant gf PEI WU. When he gets caught in the lie he calls he another casuality and a pandemic thing. Ramses X Rosa has no respect or dignity.

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