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I have to say this. It’s the fuking truth. Kristin is one of those b1tches that will talk about herself and her app as if she’s the American sweet ❤. Well it’s complete bullsh1t. I know this Woman is nothing but a lying con artist. This Woman taking money from people for her app. She acts as if they are investing in her business. It’s not an investment. Because when it’s time for her to give you back your ?. You never get it. She will tell you every lie in the book. Say she doesn’t have it. And say’s take me to Court. You say ok…Then she Sends threatening emails. Has her friends prank call you. Prank call your Mom..your Dad..every one you know. If you look her name up online.. Or any place like people search and other search engines. You’re going to nearly fall over. She has tons of negative blogs online. She’s been sued tons n tons of times. Of yeah. She used to be an Attorney. You will see that come up. She was Disbarred.. She stole a ton of money from a client. So now she has this app called the Vestigate.. If it wasn’t for the 48 investors she probably wouldn’t have gone beyond the drawing board. He first programmer ditched her because she never paid him (ah huh.) Sounds like a pattern here…well moving right along…. she claims that her programmer in 2016 claims if sold… She could get 10 million. (Mmmmm) and why didn’t she sell it.. Because it’s not fuking true. She tells potential investors that story. And then says see that guy. He’s an investor. Then when you if your lucky get to meet him and ask. He will say… Say What??. Another lie. If you google Vestigate lawsuit. You will find Vestigate was sued. I’m told by an investor that was close friends to her. Let me guess they wanted their money back. And Krissy said. I don’t have it. Sue me… He hands right there taking the money order. But giving it back when times due…. Mmmm she doesn’t have it. How the fuk can she not have the money. When her app is up and running. How can she be broke. When she flys all over the US…. She’s a fraud… That person sued her and Vestigate for fraud… Sounds like her app is a real good investment. If you go on Gofundme put in the brouser Vestigate. You will see a guy’s posting. He in 2015 gave Kristin and Sally 50k. Same meal deal. Refused to pay him back. Look it up. It’s right thete. Another person they fuked over. I heard too that in December right after Christmas another investor committed suicide. He trusted those lady’s so much in 2015 with his money. Hoping to get interest on his return. He asked for it back. Nope.. Krissy dirt poor she tells him. Time goes by. He gets so depressed he OD’d. There’s a blog his family wrote. His name is Micky Lamar. A fellow I met Kaleb. He asked I keep him anonymous. He told me his buddy Ngoli says. Last winter Vestigate Accountants Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping ended their contract with Vestigate. After they found out both Krissy and Sally were acting fraudulent. If I wasn’t shown proof of this I wouldn’t be writing this. I read. We are no longer working with Vestigate. And the reason why. Vestigate had no disclosed to them all the investor monies coming in. Ngoli said Be Free had signed paperwork stating they had no knowledge of investors giving money to Vestigate. That they paid taxes only on what money Vestigate made. Which was very little compared to money coming in from investors….Now am I wrong here… Or isn’t that fraud as well. Well when Krissy and this Sally received a letter from Be Free saying ba bye.. Those ladies were pissed… ? ?. I know Ngoli and met people he associates with. One of Ngoli’s friends claim to be a Victim of what he calls. Krissy and Sally’s Ponzi Scheme. Ngoli is a Gay Political activist. He’s helped people in domestic violence situations. Wrongful termination for being gay. A guy looses his partner and the family throws the partner out of his house they shared. Ngoli helps those that need help in the Gay community of West Hollywood and LA. And he’s helping Victims that fall victim to the two as he calls the Drunken app ladies. The Vestigate duo another name he refers too. What’s Ironic… Krissy Schuh is a Republican and let’s it be known. And she Voted for Donald Trump. Proudly telling people… He’s great for Business and that will be great for my app… But if you look at the Vestigate app all her bars and business are in the Gay Bars. It contradicts itself. As Ngoli says. That’s Krissy for you. You’ll find her seated every afternoon at Happy Hour. I know this she is a person that you can not faithfully trust. And if you do. Then you will end up finding out the hard way……. Cheers


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It is true. It’s been taljed about in the News and every where.

And the Court closed her Business down to a year ago. They do that when Business owners break the Law.

Yeah. The Banks they had money in. I read they were frozen by the Court. So they don’t have access to it. Cuz all the money in it was all stolen.

Hey Gurl. I saw on your FB the scarf you knitted. Nice job.

Now tell me Gurls….. on a scale of one to ten. One being Bad ten being way worse bad. What score do you give for Krissy Schuh….. 1 Bad…….. 10 Being Worse Than Bad.

👎👎👎 They lost more than what they bargined for. They I think thought. They could pull a sleaze. And no one would find out. One guy they sleazed knew everyone. And because of that. The Peeps started talking and word got around. Well they are in a pickle now. And it will take more than a Miracle to keep now from soending Prison time. 👎👎👎

🎥 They should make a TV movie out it 🎥

Who would play Krissy… An Ogor or something as ugly as one.

If I invested money and this Krissy person stole it. She would of stoken from the wrong guy. I would hunt her down and that be the end of her. I’m not kidding. Never mind the Courts. Never mind the Judge. I’d take her out. And end her. If she robbed me. That Fu(ken B!tch be found on the floor dead.

…….. I too Colby. Yeah. I would end her life if she stole my money. And I bet a lot of people would feel the same way too.

👻 👻 👻 👻 👻

You are a liar. No one can trust you. There’s another page with over 70 comments. And they all said what you done and the people you stole money from. One guy said you stole from over 40 Investors.

Gimme a K…… Gomme a U……. Gimme a N…… And now a T……. Gurls what does it spell……

Krissy Schuh

Andy Angel showed me this just now. And I agree too. I agree with him. They should all be put behind Bars

Michael J Gulden. Her former Lawyer
He went to the same Law School Southwest Law School and shared a Legal Office with Krissy Schuh on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood……The same Krissy Schuh that used to have the App…. Barseen App in West Hollywood….. Yeah. The same person.

No Krissy Schuh never went ti Cal State and Studied Business. And No Krissy Schuh never worked for NBC… CBS… HBO… ESBN for the last 20 years b4 starting her Gay App… No Krissy Schuh is not an Honest Woman. And No. Krissy Schuh did not use her own money to start the Gay App Barseen App…… As she likes to tell people. Krissy used to be an Attorney and she was Disbarred in 2014…. She never. No not once… Not even for a split second worked in the Entertainment Industry…. It’s another one of her lies… That today makes her so famously known for… Lol

Krissy Schuh is a God Damn Liar….. Nothing more than a Con Woman. And a Fu€king thief. Yes she’s very Dishonest. Yes she did steal from Clients she represented back years ago when she practiced Law. And Yes she did steal from…. All…. And I mean All…. Every single Investor she had that Invested money. And yes Mark Miller alone Invested 100k. And Mickey Lamar 30k. And many many…. Many others between 10k to 50k each….. And Yes…… Most of them. 90% of them were friends of hers. And Yes she had over 40 Investors and Yes under 60 Investors. And Yes I’m confident you can do the math and figure it out the number….. Because Krissy says she can’t…. Lol

And Yes this is all true. I will swear under Oath in Court in Front of the Judge…… And…. No I am not a Republican and I did not Vote for Trump……. But Yes Krissy Schuh is a Republican and she did Vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020……

And No I’m not Atheist……. Yes Krissy Schuh is…. Athiest.

Have a Blessed day


Krissy Schuh is nothing more than a Criminal. Do you guys know how much in total money she and Sally Kushner stole. Heres an idea. Mark Miller Invested 100k. And sued and Won…. And they had over Fifty Investors. Giving between 10k to 100k each. And both Krissy n Sally stole every Cent.


And both Krissy and Sally are pissed at all the people that have posted comments on him……… Well sorry you two liwlife Dyjes… The Truth Hurts..

And you can 💋 💋 my Jewish asssss Gio. Cuz You can’t stop me from posting what’s true. You POS.

Lock them Bitches up.


Last time I saw her and Motley Crew was b4 Covid19. And she was Drunk.

Krissy can not hold her liquor. She get’s loud and mouthy when she’s Drunk.

My Husband knows her. Last year when I heard about all this. I told him about all the Barseen App Fraud. Krissy stealing money. He was shocked. He and her no longer speak.

Ngoli. I think it’s good that you do your postings. And letting people know is the only way to help them save them from getting sucked into giving away their money to opportunists. I’ve read your other comments. And you tell it as it is. And it’s all backed with true facts. And you are doing a really good thing. Those people need to be exposed. And Prossecuted.

She F’n did that. I never knew any if this until Sunday when Joel cane back and said read this check this out. That Krissy Woman you know stole money. And it was alot of money too. I helped to promote her App 3yrs ago. Get people to join and sign up. No one said anything to me that she stole money. And BTW. When the F was she a Lawyer. I never knew she used to be one. She said she worked for the Network in Entertainment. And I believed her.

Tyler…. Gurl…. Krissy is a pathelogical liar.

She believes her own lies to be true. She’s fooooooooled out so many people.

🔐 The Bytch 🔐 up. And loose 🔑 the key.

I bet that POS wish she not stole a dime now. Shecgot no Business. No money. No job. No friends. Nothing. And people hate her. That B!tch lost everything. Cuz she’s a selfish greedy person. And now look at her. She got nothing.

This guy Ernie Perez. My friend. He moved to Boston a year ago September. He told me about you. And Sally And I had to look you up. He was telling it right. I thought he was making the Shyt up. And he wasn’t. He said too his ass better not be pulled into Court over helping you and all that Barseen junk you got him doing from before. He said if he does end up having to go to Court. He will tell the Judge the truth. Ernie won’t go to jail lying in Court to save your ass. He said that. Now I’m going to google a Michael Gulden and read about him and a Trevor Lapaglia. He said they involved in it and a Giovanni Vitulli too.

👎👎👎 They lost more than what they bargined for. They I think thought. They could pull a sleaze. And no one would find out. One guy they sleazed knew everyone. And because of that. The Peeps started talking and word got around. Well they are in a pickle now. And it will take more than a Miracle to keep now from soending Prison time. 👎👎👎

🎥 They should make a TV movie out it 🎥

Who would play Krissy… An Ogor or something as ugly as one.

That one. Kris. Man oh man. Kris is in a huge lot of trouble. Does anyone know her next Court date. I heard the last was last Winter and she and them pleaded not Guilty.

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