Kera Klatka, Cleveland – Ohio

Kera Klatka is a 20 year old supposed female who honestly looks like a male but thanks to the advancement in make up and photo filters in this day an age is able to pull it off even though her body looks like a failed geometric project and everything about her from her hair to her eyelashes to her crazy eyebrows are fake and she really has nothing going for her besides the fact that she will fuk anything for the littlest price seems as if self esteem and self respect are strong issues for her her mental health should be evaluated for her own good not to mention the fact that she doesn’t have custody of her 5 year old daughter but post daily how she is ready for another kid guys watch out she might just trap you !!! This girls daily routine is posting slooty pictures that are extremely filtered fishing for likes and compliments caking pounds of makeup on her face to literally making herself look like a completely different person and selling her snatch in all reality this girl has a lot of issues and I feel super bad for her she needs a lot of help probably needs DRD and DRD testing and counseling and some medication she needs all Cleveland’s prayers and let’s not forget the surrounding areas cuz she does get around it’s extremely sad when girls don’t turn into women and she is on a downward path proud of being the way she is and has nothing going for her no future absolutely nothing 100% trash he probably be selling her snatch fall into her 50s beware Cleveland and surrounding areas!!!


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