Joseph Gargon — Forked River, New Jersey

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This man claimed he wanted a long-term relationship on the dating site I met him on (badoo). The first two months, he spoke about the future, how much he liked me, and how he was afraid of losing me. He had me meet his son. After he got what he wanted (sex & money), in 4 months, he claimed he ‘couldn’t be himself around me’ and ‘lost interest.’ He cheated on me for 3.5 weeks with another woman he found on a different dating site (POF). Towards the last month of our relationship, he constantly said he was ‘too busy’ to see me (aka he was f**king his new girl). He denied that he was cheating despite ever-mounting evidence (her relationship status and profile pic of them of facebook), and denied that his dating profile was active the whole time we were together. He is a liar, manipulator, and cheater. He used my anxiety against me always claiming I was “being paranoid” and “had to relax.” Clearly I had a good reason to be paranoid. RUN, DON’T WALK, FROM THIS MAN!!! He will screw with your head, blow ‘hot’ the first few months, and then begin ignoring you claiming he doesn’t have time to see you. He will give you the silent treatment for days on end if you call him on his shitty behavior and treatment of you. And all this time he will simply be lining up his next victim behind your back. All this guy wants is sex and money–he DOES NOT want a long-term relationship like he claims.

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