John Riehl – Kentucky

John Riehl is the worst waste of life on this planet. He cheats , lies, steals and narcs on people to get out of s***. He is a heroin and meth head. He will do whatever it takes to use another person. He left his past fiance on life support while she was dying to cheat on her and steal her money. He talks so bad about his ex wife Tonya but it turns out he was the one who did everything to her. He abandoned his kids and leaves babies without a father. He sleeps with everyone he can. He is a narcissistic piece of dog s***. He cons women out of their money and vehicles. He doesnt have a driver’s licence . He threatens to beat up husband’s of wives he stole but he’s never beat up anyone. He is a coward. He went to prison for drugs and checked himself in because he ripped off everyone. He is charming and thinks he is so handsome. That is how he manipulates himself into people’s lives. He destructs and wrecks people’s lives and then moves on to the next victim. His own family wants nothing to do with him because he has stolen and lied so much. He lies about any and everything. He is racist and uses the n word frequently. He often uses more than one phone so he can maintain a female and use his other phone secretly to keep other women on the hook. He rips off his own friends. Only a few can figure him out because he is so good at what he does. He is evil and calculating.


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