Jeff Mackie Mason – California

Jeff Mackie Mason once tweeted in support of providing free services and aids to illegal immigrants on taxpayer dollars. In response we invite all Americans, illegal aliens and asylum seekers alike to freely flood his 4 bed 2 bath, 2139 sq ft property at 366 60th St Oakland CA 94618 as they please. Dude is a fuck face with no conscionable sense of ethics or morality, after all he cheated on his ex-wife Jane Lillian Mackie with Janet Netz as co-workers, then cheated on his UMich employers by negotiating with UC Berkeley because Michigan is a s**t hole state. It is absolutely remarkable how a professor of information science has no practical knowledge of protecting his own privacy. His close proximity to Oakland downtown makes it easy to disguse any accident as “robbery gone wrong.” Of course, we also invite everyone to pay his son Andrew Mackie-Mason a visit at 900 N Broadway Apt 220 Los Angeles CA 90012, and Brian Mackie-Mason at 1547 Dorothy Lois Dr NE Albuquerque NM 87112.

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