Janelle Wilson — Worcester, Massechusetts

Meet Janelle Wilson. This woman is in the highest position at a men’s halfway house in the city, acts as if she has it all together but that is very misleading. This woman has a fiance’ whom she has 2 kids with. She was sleeping with a fellow staff/ex client at the program which is totally against the rules. This person has NO BOUNDARIES!!!! When she was done having fun with the co-worker, she tossed him to the side (he wasn’t a prize either though). He now has a sexual harassment claim against her. She becomes too chummy with other peoples husbands….wanting them to call out of work to spend days with her, when they say no, she gets angry and moves on to the next one…sleeping with woman in early recovery from drugs which is just plain selfish and screws with their heads. She is a sad, sick human being who pretends to have it all together. Total fraud she is…..speaks horrible about some friends and co-workers to others, judgmental, self serving, lonely, does not respect herself or others. Do NOT let her fool you…..she is not well.


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