Jackie Gutierrez – California

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Which ever one you might be checking on it doesnt matter they are all the same person with the compulsive lying disorder and the fact one dick isnt enough to satisfy her and she her self told her friend “IM NOT A ONE DICK CHICK NO ONE DICK WILL EVER TIE ME DOWN I LIKE DICK TO MUCH” Well that is the only thing i think ever came out of her mouth and was true. yeah she cheated on me the second week after we met but hey it was a mistake………now the mistake was me not kicking her to the curb right then and their. well i let the relationship go on and decided i would marry her and i did and was like a dream come true for about 2 weeks and found out she was fucking a guy i aske her about for over a year and swore on her life she wasnt……… was a lie…………but i loved her so i once again stayed with her because every time i told her i wanted a divorce after i had just found out another lie she had told she would reply no your not death do us part remember……..and she was right so hey we could work it out and i tried and tried and 3 more guys she fucked and lied about until she found one dumb enough to stay with her knowing she was married……….i tols him myself and for the last 10 months now this has gone one and 3 different times in that 10 months we will call him DICK went to jail and guess who all of a sudden wanted to make our marriage work…..yes jackie did it was cool got along had fun thought i had my wife back then the day of my birthday she went mis and why ???? cause that was the day dick gotta outta jail so fuck it then 2 months goes by and outta no where i get a text from her and first thing i said is wheres dick oh hes in jail should have know but she claimed he dumped her and stupid me i believed it and for a month everything was cool even went into a hospital to be by her side i had not been inside a hospital in 35 years because of childhood fear but i did it in hopes she would see that i did that for her she would see how much i loved her. then one night she was supposed to come meet me and a good friend of mine called and said hey i dont feel good can you come stay the night with me i said no im sorry im waiting for jackie to show up well 8 hours i waited and i got a call from my friends dad/ told me karen passed last night and an hour after that i found out whly jackie didnt show………because she had gone to fuck the first guy i caught her cheating on me with and after that went to pick dick up from jail cause i got released and not one word from her for 2 weeks no sorry nothing just a lie about where she was for the last 2 weeks which i already knew where she was……and still 11 months now and has not filed a divorce and is dumb enough to say shes engaged on her face book page which took dick 4 months to notice she had posted the lie…..not to bright at all and this whole time he didnt give a fuck that she is still legally married to me………so thats just a bit about jacke and theirs so much more like how smoking dope while she was pregnate with our child was perfectly fine yeah real winner their but you know she was and is still my wife i love more then anything and is about to be proven one last time…………………………

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