Evelyn Hunt — New Hampshire

This woman was “friends” with an Eric Dancause for a few years. He was 36 and started a family with his fiancé, who was 28. They planned a baby and gave birth in 2016, moving into a new home and were engaged to be married. Trying for a second child, Eric and his wife-to-be separated while he dealt with a drug addiction. In swooped the homewrecker! With a 28 year old kid of her own, at almost 60 years old, she allowed the guy to sleep at her place for free and do drugs as he pleased. He went to jail and begged his fiancé to let him come home, but she demanded 12 months sobriety for that to happen. So miss homewrecker instead picked him up from jail and let him move in once again. With somewhere to cheap she’s free and easy to use, why would he ever have cleaned up his life? His kids were 7, 5, and 8 months when he moved out and his fiancé was waiting on a pregnancy test since they were planning a 4th child. Now his kids are 9, 7, and 2 and the mom is raising them alone while his 60 year old homewrecker goes around posting pictures of the baby that isn’t hers all over social media.


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