Ernesto Aguirre Lopez – Mexico

I met my husband Ernesto Aguirre Lopez 11 years ago. Yes he has cheated lied in one way or another for the 11years. My second job has been to investigate and play I spy to discover his lies he has down time for about 3mths of being the perfect husband after I discover him and again he goesI am so discouraged my husband has cheated in every possible way you can think off.. On Facebook via web at work while at home he saids he doesn’t no why is part of being a man and he doesn’t understand why I fight him about it he saids men are liars and pigs and he is just one of them.. He saids he is a good husband in every other aspect and I just should understand love him for the way he is with me with the good bad and ugly and saids is just part of who he is.. OMG

I dont know how to get away from him I love him for the good but I truly hate his person in so many ways liar cheater..he has cheated with friends cousins wife’s cousin, neighbors married woman older woman in every way possible he is always looking for opportunities he fathered a child with some girl who he refuses to claim or have anything to do with.. Claims was just another mistake in his life he saids he loves me and that’s all that should matter.. Claims everything else comes with being a man.


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