Amy Liedtke — Davenport, Iowa

This woman Amy Liedtke met my husband at JMF Manufacturing, befriended him and used every means possible to sleep with him. She sent hundreds of pics and videos, spent money on hotels, screwed him in her car, offered to buy him anything he wanted to suck him in all while I worked supporting our children. She can’t find a man of her own to save her life. If your husband has a kind heart and feels sorry for women with low self esteem, and are unattractive, keep a watchful eye on them. She caused serious mental health issues in my oldest son who was already battling a difficult time, and now fears he’s losing his family due to this bitch. She’s nasty at best, and will prey on any man that will show her ANY attention. Perhaps Amy, had you found your own man, you wouldn’t have had to belittle yourself by paying to f*** mine in a hotel, degrading yourself any lower by having to sneak around trying to f*** him in your car, and realizing that he didn’t love you, he never did, and he had NO intentions of leaving me. Feeling like used yet? You’re a washed up has been. Find your own man and save yourself the hurt of being lied to, used and played. Yeah bitch, you got played!!! Quad Cities ladies, BEWARE!!!!


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