Wendell B Matthews – Florida

Windell – Wendell B Matthews, D.O.B. 12/25/1969 – formerly from Enterprise Alabama, previously lived in Las Vegas Nevada- Currently living out of his car, sleeping on his cousin’s couch/floor in West Palm Beach or any woman’s house who would put him up for the night in South Florida.
Having lived just over forty years on this planet I have come across many people who were liars, cheaters and manipulators, be it acquaintances, lovers or even people that I’ve considered to be friends. I can truly say Wendell Matthews is a master manipulator and one of the worst person on the planet.
He led me to believe I was the only woman in his life, made promises of a future and put me on a pedestal only to betray me, rip my heart out and caused me unimaginable pain for his own selfish reasons.


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