Urian Richard Marsell – Iowa

I was with this guy named urian for 3 years. Threw out our relationship all this kid would do is LIE it was pathetic! It’s like he couldn’t help it! He lied and cheated idk how many times and on top of it he had a port addiction! He masterbating to porn all the time even tho we had a lot of sex. (At first that is)
Now I’m not one to really cut anyone down but he wasn’t even good at f******. It was all around bad sex! He stunk and his p**** was to small. Like way to small! he had really bad breath and terrible acne on top of it! Idfk what I saw in him! So anyways, he cheated with this ugly a** b**** named Alex and his buddy and brother told me about it. I knew because her small a** tittys were in a picture she sent to him via email! I’m a pro hacker!!! I snapped and told him I was leaving. Idk Why I didnt! He talked to many girls and flirted. He told this girl hannah he wanted to see her panties and told this other b**** he was single and blah blah blah! Well it got old! then one day he told me he had to work out of town no big deal I stayed with my sister. one day he texted me telling me that he was talking to another girl. and he wanted to see how it went… it was the Alex b****! I was. . Angry. Thanks for the 3 years down the drain. I put up with a lot from that loser. I stayed with him when. He got HPV! me being upset I ended up drinking too much and had sex with another guy name james. now I would not usually do that but he told me he was sleeping with another girl. the next day I went home and found them in our bed her on top of him I was so angry I pack my s*** and left. Then I found out she worked down the street!!! I went back to my sisters and a few days later James ask me out I said yes because me and Ryan were officially over. 4 months pass its December now Ryan would not stop contacting me he agreed to get my sister from indiana (we like is des moines.) He called me and showed up at my worK to take me with him. he was so upset that I took James with me. I remember Alex calling him and him telling us to shush so Alex wouldn’t know! we got back from a tripand he still did not leave me alone. Alex was 3 months pregnant and he constantly talked s*** about her. I believe it was a month later in January he kept coming over when I told him no begging me to have sex I couldn’t believe it. you cheat on me then date the girl and beg me to come back are you stupid? finally got him back out of my life and he lies to this Alex girl. She’s dumb enough to fall for it! B**** he kissed me and bedded me for sex! He don’t love u! And now they are getting married? The same month and the same day we were originally supposed To! Bwahahahahaa


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