Trenton H Wieties – Illinois

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Trenton H Wieties / Trent Wieties is a married and cheating bastard – he used me for sex after telling me lies for months and convincing me he was single dad – told me everything I wanted to hear – after our few minutes in bed when he was done then the truth came out – he is married – he used me – he does this all the time all over as he travels for military – makes himself sound good – hard working single dad taking care of kids alone working in a prison as a guard and in the military. Really married to Sarah Wieties who doesn’t work and takes care of kids while he goes off and sleeps with as many woman as he can – uses all things you tell him to convince you to be with him chooses attached or married women so they can’t say anything when he is done with them – he will use you and will most likely give you a STD – keep away from him – don’t believe anything he says – he is manipulator and wants to hurt you after he is done – hope all others read this warning and learn from my mistake – if not you will regret it and if you catch a STD you will regret it for rest of your life. Be safe and avoid him at all costs as he will harass you when done to tell you what he did to you. Evidently he gets off on it. Don’t talk on snapchat uses Tdubz19 and on Etsy and Twitter – “W1T1ES” He will use your photos to keep you listening to him brag about what he did to you. If you have someone he convinced you to cheat on he will threaten to contact them – he is as low as you can get.

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