THOMAS ERIC – Colorado

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Thomas is married!! And has been so since September 1, 2016, to a wonderful women! She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny and he should be thankful she even gives him the time of day!

When Thomas was confronted with proof of his lies & “hook-ups” he fled, like all cowards do! He denied the video & photo proof presented to him by mutual friends and his response was to threaten divorce, clean out joint bank accounts, remove property, deny access to shared services, terminate access of his wife’s mobile phone and car & home insurances & have her mail forwarded to a PO Box she didn’t have access to. He even tried using her identity to secure loans for a new RV & truck…this man has no scruples or morals!

Thomas, is a narcissist extraordinaire, a liar, cheater, sexual deviant, a thief & con-artist and a man that cannot & should not be trusted!

Since October of 2013 when Thomas met his wife and they began dating, he’s been unfaithful, sought out sexual “hook-ups” with underage girls, older women, (50 & 60), and hits up sex websites promoting under-age porn, Asian girls, hard core, violent disturbing porn…where women’s heads are smashed in, breasts mutilated, electrocuted, strangled, and gang raped…not your average, regular get your rocks off porn.

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