Sung Hwa Lee, surrey – Canada

I got this ho the lower mainland needs to know! Her name is Sung Hwa Lee This chick got a vag that is more dirty and used up than a public toilet! This chick likes to take on married men and sleeps with her employer, the landlord Richard who she claims is her bf altho he is actually married this chick tryes to sperm jack any guy that can be blind enough to fall for her sh1t. This ho has no morals left she sleeps with whoever in tinder as long as she gets to have a free meal. She claims to seek a honest person but this dishonest ho has been sleeping around on every poor simp that takes her up on her word, she poses as a honest chick but she is looking to sink and sperm-jack the next guy that is naive enough to fall for her friendly honest facade! Big warning to anyone out there who be sleeping with this desperate psycho ho! And she prides herself on thinking she is a good liar which is mega fuked! She is a home wrecker with BPS A true narcissist sick ho This chick is full blown Borderline! She pretends to be a big money maker but the only big thing she has is that gaping used-up hole between her legs. Her friends are no different, having orgies behind they chum bf’s and bragging bout how many men they stole from some wife or scammed new guys from they money! This ho likes to date guys so she can scam them or just get free sh1t! A lot like a prostitute but mostly just likes to lie to guys and get they trust, and shortly after she gets money from some guys they just ghost. This chick drives a audi A 4 and pretends to have a lot of money but she is living beyond her means and expects any guy she meets to pay up for her pigeon a55! Stay away from this ho! She has got multiple guys infected with DRD cud have DRD as she is a sick ho with the usual daddy issues and a twisted hate towards any man. Pure trash! This asian trash needs to be roasted!


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