Seferino Gallardo – California

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I dated him for one year. He would arrive on date with lipstick on collar and makeup and make excuse. He threw party of 250 people but I wasn’t invited. Obviously his other girlfriend was There. When he needed surgery I was there for him. He bought me clothes and offered to pay my rent I said no. He then started using the we word of things we would do. One day after visiting aquarium he announces on way home that he met someone online he wanted a dinner date with. When I asked should I go dating online he said your free to do what u want. Then once home at his place he said u can leave now. I left at 5:00 in the morning my heart was broken. He also was going down San Diego to take care of ex”” girlfriend having surgery and he visits Jody who he told me had a boyfriend of 17 years which I found out was a lie. Stay away from him. He is a liar cheater scam artist. He will manipulate u to believe him but it’s all bs. I learned the hard way. Which someone warned me about his scams

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