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Michael gave money 4yrs ago to Krissy Schuh for an Investment in her app…. The Vestigate… She never returned his money. Said to him she doesn’t have it. For over a year maybe two… Kept saying. Give me time… He waited and waited. And Waited. And Waited. 2017 comes… Still Krissy promising to pay him. She still dragging her feet. Michael getting more and more depressed. His money running out. He knew Krissy was lying to him. If she didn’t have any money. How was she able to take all these trips. Promote her business. Pay her rent. Eat out. Stay in Hotels. Holidays come. Thanks Giving then Christmas.. Michael even more depressed. 2 days after Christmas he’s found Dead by his friend Dave. Dave found the Suicide note. Explaining everything…. Kristin hears about it and says….. Vestigate holds no responsibility. Of course she would say that… She’s a Woman that was Disbarred from Practicing Law. And in Court many times of various kinds of theft. A few that also Invested money in Vestigate and sued Kristin and Sally the owners of the app. They too were scamned by Vestigate. All Michael had left was his BMW when he died. I’m Ngoli. I just want his friends and family never to forget him and the truth behind his Suicide. And no he didn’t pass away from pneumonia. It’s what the family wanted it to be known. Plus no one dies today from pneumonia. People haven’t for over 2 decades. God Bless Michael… Ngoli out


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Even her Lawyer Michael J Gulden lost his license to practice Law. He was involved in helping her commit Fraud

Not only that. Michael Gulden is Gay. And he helped Krissy n Sally commit Investment Fraud. Got caught and he Was Disbarred.

And as far as I know… Yes she is. And she’s trying hide from being serves by the Sherriff Department.

But things are opening up. So keep an eye open at Happy Hour. And you may see her sitting at the end of the Bar sipping on her Vodka and Diet Red Bull.


You can not at all believe what Krissy says. It’s all bull shit lies.

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Todd out. 💙 💙. And I will swear under oath that all this is true. Krissy Schuh did steal all that money. And yes Giovanni Vitulli was part of it too. I will swear on the Bible too.


Will Krissy swear under oath or on the Bible saying that she honestly never went to Law School. never was a Lawyer or been Disbarred. Will she say honestly that she never Stole. Money💰 💰….. If you don’t believe any of this. Just ask her…… See what she will say .

😝😝 Since I known you. You changed you phone number 4 times. And you moved 6 times.

And your name too from Krissy to Kris to Chrissy to Kirsten….. And when I met you. Your name was Kristin and you were a Lawyer. Not someone that wirked in Television.

Only someone hiding from something would do that. And hiding from people too



Sorry. I misssssspelllled… Lol. I’m over tired. I just flew in from Orlando. Why do I live in Key West. Far Fukk from everyone. I made it for last call at Boubon Street Pub…. Woo Hoo.

Those Woman owe PNGI over 50k. When PMGI fikes Lawsuits. It’s for big bucks that are owed to them. They don’t sue for 10k… 15k not even 25k. It would cost them more money than whats wirth it…. They go after people that owe a lot of money. Over 50k.

So those Barseen App shouldnt have screwed around with then. PMGI is a big Company. They will put Barseen App through the Grinder. They will probably be the ones that send them 2 Bimbo’s to Prison.

🍹🍷 Yo Lady have another Drink🍷🍹

Gabe ya.. That Bytch changes her Fukken name faster than we change our Underware.. The Question everyone is asking. What name will she use next.

And Todd you make me laugh with your jokes and comments calling her Krusty Kunt Krissy. You’re to much.

And hey….. She is a fukken thief. Theres no doubt there. She stole from enough to be calling her a Criminal.

Yo Krissy…. If you don’t like what I got to say. I’ll use your famous words you tell other people……. You are gonna have to sue me… Lol

That guy Michael Gulden. Kristin went to Law School with. Southwest Law School.

And him and her shared an office on Sunset Blvd. When they were Both Lawyers. Then they fled the Office. And owed the Rental Property money. And they got Sued and loss. They have a Judgement of 8 months rent. Lawyer fees. And they never paid the money owed back.

Then the guy Represents her and Sally Kushner when their App Business got sued. And he ended up being Disbarred. He lied to the Court and was caught.

You are a liar. No one can trust you. There’s another page with over 70 comments. And they all said what you done and the people you stole money from. One guy said you stole from over 40 Investors.

I bet if someone owed her money. She’d want it back. She probably scream and yell till they paid.

And I bet if they stole her money the way she she stole from people. All hell break lise. This B!tch of a worthless piece of Sh!t looks that way.

It’s ok for her to take the money and steal it. But don’t owe her money and steal from her. Am I right about this or what.

I know Krissy. She said to me she went ti Cal State. She never said she went to Law School. I was told by her and Giovanni Vitulli the Bar Manager of GymBar that she worked in The Entertainment Industry. Giovanni said big Networks she has worked for. But all this I been reading says that. That’s not true at all.

😝😝 Yea I read on other sites about them. Stealing. And their Investors all sued them. They had a lot of investors. I read they had over 40.

Hey….. No Name… Most do. After what she’s done most hate her.

In 3yrs on when I heard people talk about her. No one has ever said one nice thing.

And a one of them went to a few of her App Parties. He went because it was free. And he said he thinks moth others went too for the free food and drinks. Pizza. Cheese and crackers and other things. If it wasn’t free no one would go.


😝😝 Since I known you. You changed you phone number 4 times. And you moved 6 times.

And your name too from Krissy to Kris to Chrissy to Kirsten….. And when I met you. Your name was Kristin and you were a Lawyer. Not someone that wirked in Television.

Only someone hiding from something would do that. And hiding from people too



Lady your a F’n joke and that App Biz of yours too is the same.

Lady you never 1’s @ all had a real Biz. It wasn’t. You never made money with it. Not a f’kn dime. In 5yrs you paid 58k in Taxes. 58 Thousand….. One investor alone gave you way over 50k. And that’s one out of 60 Investors you had. The money…… You had to pay your bills and all your F’kn Shiiiit. Was Investment money. You paid you rent. Paid you credit card bills. Bought clothes. You even bought a new SUV with money from just 1 Investor gave you. You used Investment money to pay your Landlord back rent on your Apartment. You were about to be Evicted. And an Investor gave you money for the App Business. But No. 40% of it went to pay bills and 40% to hide in a bank account and 20 if it was 20% went to the Business.

No Lady. You had a F’kn Ponzi Scheme. It was a Ponzi Scheme. Not a Biz.

Hey your Defense Attorney what was his name. The one you went to Law School with…. Gosh what’s his name. You know the Gay one with a Laugh like a Hyena. The one you had a Law Office with on SunSet. Geee his name his name…. What is it…. The one that paid guys for sex. Oh yeah… Michael J Gulden. He was your Defense Attirney in several of Laws8 Filed against you and your Biz partner. That other Lesbian. The Butch one. God Damn she’s ugly. Not that your one Krissy to take home to meet Momma. Cuz on your Bloated Looks and Thunder Thighs. Good thing your a Lesbo. Any ways back to the Gay Defense Attorney….. Wasn’t he Disbarred Defending you. He lied to the Judge abd to the Court on Facts. And on if you had money and where it was. He showed Falsified Paperwork and Bank Statements on Accounts that had a Low to Zero Balance. He lied to the Judge and to the Court trying to show that you and your partner Dykerella were broke. When in fact you had money…… Hidden away….. The Judge Suspended his License and in 2019 he was Disbarred.

Lady you are in a pickle now. Your Biz sunk. The Court shut ut down. And Seized all your Bank Accounts.

The Judge had enough proof that you and that. Ugly Woman Sally Kushner who is over 10 years older than you. I still don’t see how you and her dated years on back. But Love is Blind….. BRB….. I gotta Barf….. The idea of her and you….. Talk about two Butch Dykes…. Lady hit the dirt road on your Bike. Ride as far and as fast as you can. Cuz when all this is done. Your Lesbo asssses will be behind bars. No Passing Go…. Jail for both you Hoe’s.

And member you both are Republican too and Vited for Trump….. He’s right on this…… America will be great again……. Cuz you two be in Lock up for long long tine. Ba Bye…. God gave us light. Karma gave us a long lick down for you and Dykerella.

I can’t wait for the Book Release. And Visiting Days…. I’ll buy an extra. Get it signed and give it to you as a gift.

Krissy is one of the worst people I met. She can not be trusted. And her Business Partner Sally just like her. They both are the worst.

Look.. They are two Lesbians that used the Gay Community. To lie and manipulate people and Bars to do Business with them. And underneath it all. They take on Gay Investors and once they get the check. They run right to the Bank to Deposit it. Krissy asks. Them for a Bank Check. Because she knows the money will instantly go into her account. And it doesnt give the investor a chance to change his mind abd cancel the check. Because the same day the check is given. Krissy run to the bank.

And look at how many Investors are suing her and Sally. Over 60.

They are in a Class Action Lawsuit and already went through two Attorneys. One was Disbarred. The other they money too.

They are in big trouble. Their Accounts been Frozen and their Business App forced to shut down

Like I said. Krissy can not be trusted. And Sally. Same deal with her. Both are pathelogical liars. And will steal from you in a blink of an eye.

And yes. She did owe Mickey Lamar 30k back in 2016. And he did commit Suicide. It’s all online. And his Family wants justice. And Krissy Schuh still hasn’t paid the money back. My friend Ngolu Nyernda. He wones at the West Hollywood City Hall. And has blogs telling all about the Barseen Vestigate App Fraud. He’s been on the News toi talking about it as well.

Its really sad about Mickie Lama. And Krissy Schuh is doing her best to this day not returning the money back. She should still made to pay His Family. But she says no. The contract between him and her. And no one else. So she don’t have to pay out. To anyone else. She gets to keep his Investment.

You are a liar. No one can trust you. There’s another page with over 70 comments. And they all said what you done and the people you stole money from. One guy said you stole from over 40 Investors.

So if I invested money and this Krissy person stole it. She would of stoken from the wrong guy. I would hunt her down and that be the end of her. I’m not kidding. Never mind the Courts. Never mind the Judge. I’d take her out. And end her. If she robbed me. That Fu(ken B!tch be found on the floor dead.

Shis Woman stole allot of money Colby Tucker. I hate to say. You won’t get your money back. I’m told the others that sued her. They got only a Judgement tgey not get their money back. Krissy told tge Judge she was broke.

Then months later on another case. The Judge was shown by the Plaintiff Lawyer. That Krissy Lawyer lied. And the Judge ordered all her bank accounts frozen. That was in a Fraud Sue. The State VS Barseen App

I knew him. But I called him Mickey. And I did hear about this. It was years ago after Mickey well you know.

He would be alive today if those people didn’t steak his money.


Krissy You are a bloated Alcoholic. Looking for the next Con to pull and to find the next Victom to rob.


🐽 Here piggy piggy. You fat Kunt.

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