James of Allston – Massachusetts

To: any woman who is talking to this man, or getting ready to communicate with man, should really find another man to speak with! Mr.James is a total liar, and cheater, as well as very heartless, and has no problem with hurting and breaking you down mentally! He will use you and treat you like a dog, literally, as he will refer to you as his B****! This is not a post to be mean, but a true warning not to get hooked up with this man in anyway! All the major lies and deceit that comes out of his mouth is much, too much for any one to take in! Not to mention, he has no pot to P-ss in or a window to throw it out from! and to think he will make himself look good, always saying he is working( in real estate) getting clients, when he never knows when he will get a deal going! If you are not doing things his way, then he’s off to talk to another woman to get what he wants! You do not have to take my word from this, you will be able to see for yourself, that this is not a false post whatsoever, but the truth! He will always be about only himself at all times! He will never love you! Seeing is believing!


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