Ginger Monkey – Arizona

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Keep your husbands away from Ginger Monkey in Chandler, AZ. I don’t have a picture because the Whore is too scared for me to find out what she looks like. Tiffani Forrest, originally from Temecula, CA who now lives in Chandler, AZ is a Whore. She works at Ginger Monkey on Ocotillo and AZ Ave. She lives at 4663 Cherry Hills Dr. She started “dating” my husband, found out he was married, and continued to try to have a relationship. I use the term “dating” loosely because it consisted of this side Whore getting fucked by my husband and left to the side while he came home every night to me. He never even stayed in a hotel like he claimed to her. She even introduced her daughter, Winter Locke (daughter of Andy Locke of Eloy, AZ) to my husband. What kind of mother brings her fuck buddy around their kid???? She bad mouthed me and doesn’t even know me. My husband never even took her out on a date and she knowingly slept with him after he told her he cheated on me in the past and had herpes. This disgusting bitch is a home wrecker and won’t face the music. She hides like a coward. She thought it was going to be him and her riding off into the sunset with some kind of relationship. This broke bitch thought she was going to get my family’s money but the jokes on her. She has an injunction of harassment against me and I should have the injunction against HER. It has to end after 365 days though…..I could never ruin a family and fuck with a dudes chick…I wouldn’t want to be looking over my shoulder and my child’s shoulder for the rest of my life.

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