Victor Prosper – Georgia

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Victor prosper Wow, this guy is a Lying snake, dead beat dad, and woman beater all rolled into one. #dv #domesticviolence #liar #cheater #deadbeatdad #atlanta #norcross #marietta #landstartrucking #powdersprings. This guy is a lying dawg!! He was so smooth and slick. It’s like he took a class on getting over on women. Blind sides you with smooth talk and gifts to distract you from his lies!! When he gets caught, he blocks you and calls you crazy so he doesn’t have to face the music! He’s a coward and doesn’t deserve to be a father to children because his morals are trash!! I guess it’s a good things he’s a dead beat dad. He spends so much time tricking he doesn’t even make time for his own children. Sad!

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