Tara Gambrel – Kentucky

Pass the Trash. Her name is Tara Gambrel. .lives in the Louisville Ky area trying to be a nurse. Thief, liar, cheater, never trust this person. .also steals peoples identity so be aware. Was my cousin but has since been dismissed as she got with my man of 10years. She was married with two teen daughters for 13 yrs. .but thought it ok to come after her cousins gay lover and rip her own family apart. Told me how she will get anything she wants. .your man could be next as she has a history of sleeping around married or not. No rules apply to her as she has no soul. Even worse she is fowl. .not even her own family want her around bc like the game of pass the trash no one wants her in their life. Be aware she is nothing but a nasty Hoe!


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