Michelle Hartwell – Willow Street, Pennsylvania

Where do I start? My ex cheated on me with this trash for months and deserted his daughter & I for this women. Eric checked into a hotel for Thanksgiving near Gettysburg to be with this women, while skipping out on events with our daughter. He skipped my daughter’s surgery and skipped Christmas, while my daughter had serious bronchitis. He was with this women, checked into a hotel, near Harrisburg, giving her a $770 necklace that he charged, while giving our sick daughter $40 in gifts sent by Amazon. He attempted to evict his daughter & I, while trying to starve his daughter. He skipped out on visitations to see this women. This women would interfere in visitations by constantly texting and calling. Eric threw a fit because he wanted to leave visitation early to see this women who was waiting for him. As soon as he got rid of his daughter & I, he moved this women and her daughter in our home. Her daughter took my daughters bedroom and she took mine. She then watched my daughter over the summer, locking her up nearly everyday. She chased my daughter down into her bedroom after calling my daughter a name. When I tried calling my daughter, Michelle and her daughter would call me names in the background, while teaching my daughter to call me names. He’s getting married to this women in one month. A year ago on their future wedding date, Eric stood his daughter up at Santa breakfast and a Christmas tradition of going to a theme park because he had checked into another hotel with this women. Over the summer, he & this women dumped our daughter off at a strangers house for the weekend so they could yet again check into another hotel.


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