Lori Gonzalez – Texas

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This whore has no shame and had an affair with a married man she worked with and to make herself feel better because she cannot defend her actions of sleeping with a married man and trying to convince him to leave his wife and children, she tries to shame the wife by calling her a whore and posting about her painful experience of dealing with the betrayal of a cheating husband and her family falling apart because he was caught with Lori. Lori Gonzalez cared only about herself so she continued to pursue him and continued the affair even after they were caught. The wife can pass a lie detector test that she has never cheated but Lori couldn’t pass a test denying that she knowingly had an affair with a married man and broke up a family and still wanted to see the family suffer. Lori Gonzalez is heartless and soulless and thinks the man loved her but he can pass a lie detector test that says he never did and she was nothing more then a piece of ass to him and that loved her just as bout as much as he did the family he threw away for a whore which isn’t much if at all. The wife knows the man never loved her but Lori Gonzalez is pathetic enough to think he really did love her and that’s why he left her ass and probably doesn’t think twice about her as he’s moved onto another women. Your a real winner Lori Gonzalez and I’m sure a great catch for some man… of an STD that is… I’m sure this third affair is a charm

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