Lexie Norcross – New York

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Lexie Norcross was Fired from the Philadelphia Inquire for Redirecting the Media Website to Trashy, derogatory Stories. Lexie is the Daughter of New Jersey’s Organized Political Crime Boss George E. Norcross who has been under several federal investigations from Money Laundering to Murder.Norcross and his Daughter lost the bid for the Inquire. They have become Political Gang Stalkers. Norcross has been controlling content to Courier Post and Gannett. He has been using media sites to defame and destroy people. Both he and his daughter do not like People of Color so they have purposely made them targets to their madness.Norcross and his daughter are tied to the KKK. They fake a smile, but do not like people of color so they use the media and law enforcement to harass them. Norcross stole trillions of dollars of the past three decades from the people of Camden NJ which has become the Poorest City in America.

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