Kimberly Dawn Pota – Cedar Park, Texas

Kimberly Dawn Pota AKA Kimberly Dawn Louazna is a nasty diseased fat old prostitute who has ran ads on multiple online sites prostituting herself all of Central Texas but mainly in Austin, Tx. She’s posted on Craigslist, Backpage, 411, Eccie, nightcrawler, and VibeFun. I discovered many emails back and forth between Kimberly and my husband discussing payment for sex as well as meeting places such as Restaurants and Motels. Needless to say this has ruined our marriage and I’m devastated beyond repair. I struggled for years with major health issues and was finally recuperating. Now I currently have to worry about STD’s, and heard she has herpes and HPV that would ultimately guarantee the return of Ovarian Cancer and tumors I’ve already battled in the past… all thanks to my deceitful husband and this horrid, filthy, wretched excuse of a woman. I had also found out she is physically and mentally abusive to her teen aged step son who has several times attempted suicide…which also her husband Alok Pota is complicit and doesn’t help his son from her wrath and fury. I will be informing the authorities and his company about him not protecting his son. This woman is despicable so my goal is to warn other faithful devoted wives of Kimberly and of the fact that she is knowingly spreading life threatening venereal diseases with the full knowledge that the men that pay to sleep with her are then going home and passing the diseases on to their unsuspecting wives.


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