Heather Davis – Shelbyville, Illinois

This tramp is notorious for breaking up marriages! I’m fully aware that the men are responsible too. But this woman is the type of woman that us women should be cautious of. She befriends the wives and gfs then pounces! The first marriage she ruined was of a couple with 2 kids. She played him for a fool for a couple years before cheating on him with Mike. Both guys were to stupid to see what was going on. I watched her lead this guy on and break up with him just to start dating other guys at work. The second marriage she ruined was of a newlywed couple. The couple was married for 4 months before this woman started having an affair with this married man. She claimed she didn’t know they were still together but that was a bunch of bullshit! She knew yet she didn’t care. After breaking up the marriage she showed up at the wife’s house and proceeded to fill her with all these lies. How she didn’t beat her ass is beyond me. She is now playing this guy for a fool but he is to stupid to see what is happening or he doesn’t care who knows. Heather Davis had ruined several relationships and will continue too. Mike Locke and Phillip Mizeur are obviously not men you can trust either. She has been seeing other guys off and on behind both of these guys backs and somehow has convinced everyone that she is this sweet amazing person. The truth is finally coming out. I’m tired of seeing her hurt my friends and playing these games. So ladies beware of this scandalous woman! Men tighten your wallet because all she wants is your money and to add another notch to marriages she has destroyed.


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