Dis Braddah – Hawaii!

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Dis braddah messin wit the girlz of hawaii! Got em all tucked in hiz back pocket. Jus ask: work? Phone? Got women all over da phone and all over da place. Sex with more than one all da time. Goes by ricky rick n rick naone. Watch out! Take from u. workin da system. Workin u! Uses u then puts your pic in his pocket, facebook, computer, then when u ask questions-ur da problem and ur not good enuf. Hurt plenty sistas out there. Gonna have u take him for da ride. Will control u n make u feel like cant stray, but guess who is? Watch out! Takes pics of u first meet. Got plenty others too. Naked all over da phone n da computer. Ran dis braddah out of town side now movin on. When u feel it n somethings wrong, ask away. Hes j smooth. You r not the only one hes rubbin on. Lies all da time. Kailua. Town. Europe. Goes after tourists white girls n anyone who makes him look good …Cheater!

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